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Onderzoeksprogramma’s gefinancierd door de G.S.K.E.
Programma 2005-2007

Onderzoeksprogramma KU Leuven

KU Leuven

Onderzoeksprogramma UA


Onderzoeksprogramma voor de UCL


  • Prof. dr. André Goffinet
    Genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of cortical development.
  • Prof. dr. Jean-Noël Octave
    Phosphorylation of the amyloid precursor protein intracellular domain: regulation of the production of ß-amyloid peptide and transcriptional activity?
  • Prof. dr. Etienne Olivier
    Distinct contribution of parietal and frontal cortical areas to the control of finger and hand movements.
Onderzoeksprogramma UGent


Onderzoeksprogramma ULB


  • Prof. dr. Marc Parmentier
    Characterization of the role of G protein-coupled receptors in the central nervous system by using genetically invalidated mouse models.
  • Prof. dr. Serge N. Schiffmann
    Roles of the direct and indirect pathways in functions and disorders of the basal ganglia.
  • Dr. Pierre Vanderhaeghen
    Developmental mechanisms patterning neuronal connectivity in the cerebral cortex.
Onderzoeksprogramma ULg


  • Dr. Shibeshih Belachew
    Unraveling the role of type 2 cyclin-dependent kinase during inner ear and white matter development.
  • Prof. dr. Pierre Maquet
    Human Brain Function in sleep. Studies in man by multimodal functional neuroimaging.
Onderzoeksprogramma UMons


  • Dr. Laurence Ris
    Role and Mechanisms of synaptic "Tagging" in long-term memory.
Onderzoeksprogramma VUB


  • Prof. dr. Yvette Michotte
    In vitro and in vivo studies on the role of the IRAP enzyme/AT4 receptor system in learning and memory processes.