Universités & équipes

Projets de recherche de jeunes chercheurs 2020-2022 subventionnés par la F.M.R.E.




Dr. Lars Emil Larsen, PhD

Closed loop precision therapy for epilepsy using photopharmacology


Dr. Evelien Carrette, PhD (UZ Gent)

Novel interventions for patients with drug resistant epilepsy and cognitive decline: neuromodulatory effects of combined transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation and cognitive therapy


Eline Wauters, PhD (VIB)

Onset age variability in GRN-associated frontotemporal lobar degeneration: identification of a functional onset age modifier

KU Leuven

Valerie Uytterhoeven, PhD

Molecular mechanisms and inducers of chaperone mediated Tau autophagy in Alzheimer's Disease


Aya Takeoka, PhD (IMEC)

Learning to walk without the brain: Determining cellular signatures underlying age-dependent spinal cord plasticity


Prof. Bernard Hanseeuw, PhD

Biochemical mechanisms of regional tau protein aggregation in the human brain


Emanuel Vandenbroeke, PhD

The involvement of top-down facilitatory serotonergic pathways in nocebo- induced pain hypersensitivity


Prof. Riëm El Tahry, PhD

Optimization Vagus nerve stimulation for refractory epilepsy