The Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation (Q.E.M.F.) focuses on the neurosciences and supports researchers using the latest techniques to study the functioning of the nervous system, in both its normal and its abnormal state (sleep, developmental disorders, head traumas, spinal cord injuries, brain senescence (ageing), dementia, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis etc.).


The research programmes supported by the Q.E.M.F. enjoy international renown.


The result of the foresight and generosity of Queen Elisabeth, supported by various patrons, the Q.E.M.F. is and will continue to be a powerful catalyst for cooperation between all the university teams in Belgium.


During the period 2023-2025, a substantial annual grant of 0.5 million Euros will be distributed to five (5) inter-university research teams, five (5) university research teams and ten (10) research projects by young researchers. Annual scientific prizes are also awarded on the basis of publications.

H.R.H. Princess Astrid

H.R.H. Princess Astrid

Honorary president of the Q.E.M.F. board of directors