Universities & teams

Interuniversity research projects 2020-2022 funded by the Q.E.M.F.



Prof. dr. Sebastiaan Engelborghs (VUB)

Prof. dr. Chris Baeken (UGent)

Unraveling the link between depression and dementia to improve diagnostic and treatment options

Prof. dr. Vincent Van Rompaey (UA)

Prof. dr. Peter Ponsaerts (UA)

Prof. dr. Guy Van Camp (UA)

Prof. Rik Gijsbers (KU Leuven)

Development of allele-specific CRISPR-nuclease gene therapy for late-onset sensorineural hearing impairment in a new humanized DFNA9 mouse model

Prof. dr. An Goris (KU Leuven)

Prof. Nathalie Cools (UA)

Deep sequencing of myelin-reactive T-cells to elucidate new disease mechanisms and identify correlates for treatment responsiveness

Prof. dr. Pascal Kienlen Campard (UCLouvain)

Prof. dr. Loïc Quinton (ULg)

Prof. dr. Jan Gettemans (UGent)

New analytical tools to identify and target pathogenic hexameric Aβ assemblies in Alzheimer's disease